Local Taxi Uber-Like App

Want your own Uber-Like Taxi service? Now you can! Bilberry Media developers are pleased to announce the “Uber-like service” app for local taxi businesses. How does it work? First, a user creates an account. This can be either set as a passenger or a driver. Passengers are automatically validated, wherea

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Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing is the key to the success of your business. Your online reviews appear on ALL searches and will either make or break your business! 85% of consumers check online reviews BEFORE placing an order or visiting a business. AND Just one half star drop in ratings loses up to 9% of sales! Bilberr

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Mobile Web Sites

mobile revolution has arrived

IMPORTANT: THIS IS GOING TO AFFECT YOUR BUSINESS! On 21st April 2015 Google is introducing its biggest update and this will affect EVERY business that has an online presence. Due to the massive increase in the mobile internet, Google now wants to make sure that any web sites found on their mobile searches ar

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