Local Taxi Uber-Like App

Categories: apps, mobile web, services | Posted on Jan 5, 2017

Want your own Uber-Like Taxi service? Now you can!

Bilberry Media developers are pleased to announce the “Uber-like service” app for local taxi businesses.

How does it work?

First, a user creates an account. This can be either set as a passenger or a driver. Passengers are automatically validated, whereas Drivers have to be validated by the admin.

Passenger side

First, the passenger enters their pick-up address, and drop off address (destination). A “Go!” button appears.



The passenger clicks “Go!” to start the search process, and then chooses the type of vehicle he/she requires. In this example, there is only one type of vehicle, but you can create as many vehicle types as you want.


Then the passenger chooses the payment method (here, only the payment by card is available but you can set to card and/or cash).

Once the payment method is selected, the passenger clicks on “Let’s go”.



Then the app will start searching for drivers…


Any registered drivers can accept the request, and they will then he will be displayed to the passenger who is then able to select one.



Once the passenger chooses a driver, the car comes to pick up. Once in the the car, the passenger will be able to see the map and the live journey.



Once the car has arrived at the destination. The following message will appear. Passengers can pay by cash or (if selected – directly by card through the app). If paying by card, payment goes to one admin account so – if using the card option – the company would need to administer payments to drivers at the end of the week/month.

NOTE: Remember, you can set the app to restrict payment by cash or place credit card orders via your in-house system too.


Then you will see a confirmation message:


Driver side

This is the screen of the driver when he has no ongoing ride.



When a passenger requests a ride, this will appear:


When he accepts the request, he has to wait for the client to choose him (or not!):


When the passenger chooses him, the driver goes pick him up.

Once the passenger is in the car, the driver has to click on “Aboard” to start the ride.



Then the driver begins the journey. When he has arrived at destination, he has to click on “Finished”:



Then the passenger pays and the driver has to validate:




And there you have it!