Mobile Marketing

Categories: Blog, mobile web, sms marketing | Posted on Sep 7, 2014

The Mobile Revolution has arrived!

The mobile internet is now 5x bigger than the standard computer internet market. Bilberry Media offer cutting edge mobile marketing systems including responsive, optimised mobile web sites, mobile e-commerce solutions, SMS marketing and mobile apps for all platforms with Push Notifications.

  • 77% of the world’s population have mobile phones
  • There are over 5.3 BILLION mobile users
  • 57% of the UK population view their mobile device as the ‘key’ to their social life!
  • 82% of mobile users NEVER leave home without their mobile device/cell phone
  • 40% of mobile users say that they ‘can’t live without their mobile’!

Mobile marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing currently available

  • SMS (text message) marketing is literally a fraction of the cost of conventional marketing
  • SMS (text message) marketing brings HUGE additional advantages including:
    instant marketing
    instant results
    detailed reporting
    automated promotional and sales funnels.
  • SMS (text message) marketing¬† can be used to enhance ANY other marketing by ten or even a hundred times!
    (see SMS v Direct Mail – SMS v PPC advertising – SMS v Print Advertising)